Hands-On help with Science projects

In response to a teachers plea for science resources, we’ve gathered some links and lessons from the Teachers Talkingscience site, some of which NYSCI has written and which extend the learning of Science Friday videos. Most of these have videos and associated lesson plans:
Comparative Metabolism and Energy use:
'Decaying Science' (lesson plan included) - http://www.talkingscience.org/2010/11/decaying-science/
'Yeast Alive! Watch Yeast Live and Breathe' (includes lesson plan) - http://www.talkingscience.org/2011/07/yeast-alive-watch-yeast-live-and-breathe/
'Gassy Microbes' (similar to/extension of above, includes lesson plan) - http://www.talkingscience.org/2010/01/gassy-microbes/
Energy content and behavior of matter:
'Kitchen Chemists - Edible Candle' (mini-lesson plan included) - http://www.talkingscience.org/2011/09/kitchen-chemists-edible-candle/
Other extensions: 
How the metabolic needs of individual organisms create ecosystem connections
'Termite Symbiosis' (lesson plan included) - http://www.talkingscience.org/2011/09/termite-symbiosis/
'After Oil Spill, Bacteria Feast on Natural gas' - http://www.talkingscience.org/2010/09/after-oil-spill/
Comparing ourselves to robots