Tips for Teachers

Our third installment of back-to-school tips from teachers for teachers, courtesy of Gina Tesoriero, 7th Grade Special Education teacher at Simon Baruch Middle School:

One thing that I like to do to prepare for the upcoming year is to identify one thing that I did well last year and one thing I would like to improve. This way I can set a professional goal for the school year and start thinking about how I will hold myself accountable.

Last year I focused on handing back graded work more frequently with a quicker turn around. To hold myself accountable I held a monthly awards ceremony for the students, which made sure all grades were up to date. This year I would like to work on allowing students more time to reflect on their learning and set their own goals. To hold myself accountable the reflection piece will be a part of each unit’s assessments.

Also, I suggest getting together with a few teachers at the start of the year and discussing some of their goals for the school year.

Another thing that might be helpful is revamping rules, routines and procedures and rethinking classroom setup to start fresh. I rearranged my entire setup this year and am excited to teach in the “new” classroom.

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