Bre Pettis and Chris Anderson headline the World Maker Faire speaker series. Check out the highlights of who is speaking at World Maker Faire, with talks and how-to workshops from the leaders in the maker movement speaking about science, technology, art, and more. 

  • Bre Pettis from MakerBot Industries and Chris Anderson from Wired and 3D Robotics, and author of Makers: The New Industrial Revolution. Pettis and Anderson will discuss the lessons learned in building big maker businesses and give a glimpse of where they think this movement is going, in the talk “Going Big: From Maker Movement to New Industrial Revolution.” On the morning of Sunday, Sept. 30, Anderson will also speak on DIY drones (remote control quadcopters) in “Why Should the Military Have all the Cool Stuff?”
  • Jack Hitt, This American Life contributor and author of Bunch of Amateurs: A Search for the American Character, will talk about Meredith Perry, founder of uBeam and the latest amateur to break out of her metaphorical garage as the inventor of the wireless battery charger, and how she’s part of the coming DIY revolution.
  • David Pogue, New York Times technology columnist, will recount his adventures in hang-gliding, landing on a nuclear carrier, handling 10-foot sharks underwater, firing an AK-47, slicing a brain in half, and pouring a $12 million gold bar for his presentation, “Should Science Be Allowed to be Interesting? One Man’s Insane Journey through a TV Career on PBS.”
  • Mason Peck, NASA’s chief technologist, will provide an update on the Mars Curiosity rover and NASA’s connections to the maker community in his presentation, “Working with NASA on Innovative Space Technology.”
  • Alton and Carrie Barron, hand surgeon and psychiatrist author duo, will speak about their research and recent book, The Creativity Cure, showing why and how making things is good for our minds, moods, earning potential, and the economy.
  • Jonathan Lippincott, author of Large Scale: Fabricating Sculpture in the 1960s and 1970s, will present the history of the sculptures made at his family’s large-scale sculpture fabrication company, Lippincott, Inc. Founded in 1966, Lippincott was the first fabricator dedicated exclusively to prototyping and building large-scale sculpture; they were the makers behind many familiar works by artists such as Claes Oldenburg, Louise Nevelson, Barnett Newman, and Ellsworth Kelly.
  • Catarina Mota and Dustyn Roberts, co-chairs of the Open Hardware Summit, will explain how, over the last few years, open source hardware went from an obscure hobby to a burgeoning movement. The pair will review the defining events of the last few years to draw a snapshot of the current state of the open source hardware movement and the impact it’s having in maker culture and beyond.
  • Stuart Schmill, dean of admissions at MIT, will offer advice to young makers (and parents of makers) on how best to prepare for the college experience and application process.
  • Allan Chochinov, founder of Core77, will moderate “Design and DIY: How Makers are Influencing Product Design,” an industrial design community debate featuring a panel of industry leaders, including Tad Toulis of TEAGUE, Gadi Amit of New Deal Design, Carla Diana of Smart Design, and Jared Ficklin of Frog Design.
  • Invigorating panel discussions include:

    • "After the Kickstarter" - Real stories from makers "going pro" and delivering on successful crowdfunding campaigns.
    • The latest in 3D printing and digital fabrication.
    • Firsthand reports on the diverse range of exciting new models of makerspaces (shared workshop environments that are taking off around the world).
    • Peter Meehan, former food writer for the New York Times and co-editor of the fun and irreverent food magazine Lucky Peach, interviews a panel of food makers (chefs!) that he admires most.