Here’s a peek at the creation of Shih Chieh Huang's 99Plus, one of ten original installations that make up ReGeneration, NYSCI’s new exhibition exploring cultural sustainability opening October 27. The piece is an integration of science and technology, reflecting the various¬†adaptations and interactions of living beings in a complex, evolving environment.

The installation is constructed largely of items found at dollar discount stores throughout Queens neighborhoods, combined with LEDs, computer fans, microcontrollers and inflatables. The resulting exhibit features electronic, kinetic sculptures that make noise, generate patterns of light and movement, and generally interact with one another in an animal-like ecology.

As the world becomes more connected geographically and electronically, across linguistic, cultural and physical boundaries, it becomes more important to synthesize an ecological understanding of the way humans interact in a cooperative environment. Viewers will ideally walk away from the exhibit with a notion of themselves in an incomprehensible but beautiful and ultimately generous understanding of social structures.