If you use social media, you have probably seen the new mini-film from Chipotle entitled ‘The Scarecrow’. If not, you should watch it now above. 

‘The Scarecrow’ – which is actually a commercial for Chipotle’s new agribusiness-fighting iPhone game – is a haunting commentary on the state of our agricultural system and it accurately depicts the troubles stemming from our dumbed-down corporate fast food machine. The mini-film references animal cruelty, secretive practices, misleading advertising (“all natural”) and more. Since Chipotle is, at its most basic level, a fast food corporation, it is refreshing to see them using their popularity to raise awareness and advocate for more sustainable and ethical food. 

Do they have a constant supply of pasture-fed meat that is humanely slaughtered? Are all of the veggies and beans in your burrito purchased from a local farmer? Not even close. But for a fast food chain like Chipotle to be conscious of their impacts (Chipotle is also aiming to be the first GMO-free chain in the US) and be working towards changing their practices is huge. The video has also started an important conversation across the country, educating Chipotle fans and critics alike. 

While a quick glance at Chipotle’s ingredients statement shows plenty of room for improvement – and a burrito at Chipotle can easily amount to 1,000 calories plus half of the recommended daily sodium intake – I think we can all get on board with the hope of feeling better about our food, especially when it’s coming from a fast food company.