NYSCI Helps Corona Combat Learning Loss

Summer Learning at NYSCI: Maker Faire 2010

This summer NYSCI unveils NYSCI Neighbors, a new membership category available to residents of our 11368 zip code. NYSCI Neighbors combats summer learning loss by providing families with unlimited access to NYSCI, along with a suite of resources including a guided orientation to NYSCI’s exhibits and programs, a reading list for the Science Technology Library, and a Field Journal to guide and document summer learning experiences at NYSCI.  

In partnership with local schools, parent-teacher associations, and parent coordinators, NYSCI Neighbors deepens our connection with local families, excites parents and children about out-of-school learning, and positively influences how science—and NYSCI—are perceived in our community.

Josett Pacheco, Parent Coordinator at PS 19 in Corona says,

"Our parent community is very excited about the opportunity to participate in this program for the upcoming summer. Due to many budget cuts in our schools and community programs, something like this could not have come at a better time."

The multilingual orientation sessions and printed resources will address language and access barriers, and the field journals give students an opportunity to demonstrate their learning and encourage them to think of NYSCI as a fun destination within their community.

Local businesses are also offering prizes to students. Junior Scientists of the Week will be able to win free ices from the Lemon Ice King of Corona, get a behind-the-scenes lesson in tortilla making at Tortilleria Nixtamal, explore the Queens Museum of Art, and more.

For decades, parents and educators have recognized the challenge of “summer learning loss”, a phenomenon where students lose from one to three months of learning progress during summer months. NYSCI Neighbors will keep students and their families engaged with fun and learning during school vacation months and also introduce NYSCI to new audiences, who will hopefully become year-round visitors. At the end of the summer, participants will be able to apply their NYSCI Neighbor status to an upgraded annual membership


While focused on Corona in this inaugural year, NYSCI intends to expand the NYSCI Neighbors program beyond our immediate community next year.