Making Design Lab: be inspired.


Dick Esterle presenting his animated work at NYSCI.

Rendezvous in Space began with a film (Frank Capra’s last) narrated by Danny Thomas, featuring (uncredited) voices by Mel Blanc. The presentation culminated with a live demonstration of a docking by a “space taxi” carrying a three-man relief crew to a model space station suspended 80-feet above the ground. When the relief crew entered the station, the lights went up and the crowds cheered.

This fascinating “making of” video created by SITU Studio (architects for Design Lab), Surveying the Great Hall captures the impressive scaffolding used in the restoration of the “Cathedral of Science.” As their custom camera rig slowly lifts 70 feet from floor to ceiling, “the camera will be slowly rotating and tilting to survey the space with a corkscrew motion.”

View their complete blog post here.

The Future That Never Was.


When we first started working on Design Lab, we invited a number of exhibition firms to come in to talk to us about how we might collaborate on this project. This process helped us to realize that we were not really creating an exhibition space per se, but rather an armature or environment…

Mathematica (by IBMSocialMedia)

This is a mini-documentary about the Mathematica exhibit at the New York Hall of Science. The exhibit, which celebrates mathematicians and helps children appreciate math, was designed for IBM for the 1964 World’s Fair by the design team of Charles and Ray Eames. This video was made on the occasion of the release of an iPad app about the exhibit.