We took the Nerd Quiz at Nerd Nite last Thursday on the Frying Pan. See these ladies and a lot more tomorrow at Submerge! NYC Marine Festival, 11 – 3pm, Pier 26. 

Empire Drive-In at NYSCI, a set by NySci Explainers on Flickr.Photos of junk cars being prepped for the NYSCI premiere of “Empire Drive-In” beginning October 4.
Empire Drive In InstallationEmpire Drive In InstallationEmpire Drive In InstallationEmpire Drive In Installation

Empire Drive-In at NYSCI, a set by NySci Explainers on Flickr.

Photos of junk cars being prepped for the NYSCI premiere of “Empire Drive-In” beginning October 4.


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In a bold talk at TED2013, Diana Reiss, Peter Gabriel, Neil Gershenfeld and Vint Cerf come together to launch the interspecies internet.


The internet connects people all over the world. But could the internet also connect us with…


Have you ever noticed that people use the terms Theory and Hypothesis interchangeably? Most people say they have a Theory. They really mean that they have a Hypothesis.

My latest Science Music Video sheds some lyrical light on the situation.
Watch “Theory vs Hypothesis” to learn more!

(Source: comaniddy, via explainers-nysci)

Making Music with Garbage

Get ready for the Garbage-Men, a group of 10th graders who perform music on instruments made from recycled materials like cereal boxes, PVC pipes, and even a saxophone made from a Fisher-Price corn popper toy. The Garbage-Men are performing live throughout NYC this weekend, including two shows at NYSCI on Saturday at 1 and 3 pm.

The Björk Bolt

Is today’s music instruction a little hollow? Should science education be hit with a thunderbolt?

Don’t worry. The thunderbolt is in town and she has collaborated with NYSCI and the Creator’s Project on an education series for middle school students. Björk, the Icelandic music superstar, has made New York City the first U.S. stop on her Biophilia tour, with shows at NYSCI and Roseland Ballroom. Not content to just sing about nature and science, Björk has made education an integral part of her New York residency. Through the Biophilia Education Series, music and science instructors are educating 50 Queens students by using Björk songs to teach topics like dark matter, crystalline structures, and viruses. Students were recruited from middle schools in our neighboring communities of Corona and Flushing.

In the Biophilia after-school workshops and this week’s winter break camp, students explore the fundamentals of music composition and production using iPad apps created by Björk for her latest project, Biophilia. Students also participate in demonstrations and hands-on activities led by NYSCI instructors that explore the scientific themes of Biophilia. The result is a unique educational experience that will get kids feeling electrified about songs, nature and technology.

Think of it as a bolt of inventiveness for science and music learning.

Photo: Students learn about the phases of the moon at a Biophilia workshop. Photo by Andrew Kelly. View more photos.

We all live in a Yellow Drum Machine

LetsMakeRobots will demonstrate the Yellow Drum Machine (YDM), as well as other robots by their members. The YDM is a funky little drumbot. It roams around and makes beats, and samples. They’ll also have some fun projects for you to try yourself!

Ah, nostalgic inventions from the Museum of Interesting Things

Rolling into World Maker Faire this weekend, The Museum of Interesting Things is a traveling interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions inspiring innovation and creativity - learning from the past to create a better future. Their demonstrations are hands on and they bring items that show what inventions led to ipods and other items in our everyday lives. There are 8 departments that coincide with the curriculum in public schools as well as being fun and interesting for kids and adults! The departments are: Science, Math, Literature, Medical, Toys, Music, Household and Photography.