Check out the high voltage stunts of ArcAttack

ArcAttack is a technology based performance art troupe from Austin, TX. While incorporating a large array of contraptions to aid their musical performance, they are best known as the pioneers of the “Singing Tesla coil”, a solid state Tesla coil that produces stage worthy electrical arcs that produce musical tones.

From high voltage stunts, musical composition, to technological oddities, ArcAttack's crew is host for a variety of different talents that work together to form a spectacle that is actually quite hard to describe.  See for yourself this weekend at World Maker Faire, NYC.

Mix it up with the Wheelchair DJ

RAMPS is a wheelchair DJ interface - the left wheel fades between tracks while the right wheel scratches the music. Users bring their existing wheelchair skills to the show, RAMPS detects the speed and direction of each wheel. The wheelchair becomes an interface to music, games and new computer interactions.

The maker, John Schimmel, is also heavily involved with NYSCI’s upcoming Human+ exhibition, and is developing an app with crowd-sourced data about in-depth accessibility features of places in our neighborhoods.

Check out the Wheelchair DJ this weekend at World Maker Faire, NYC.

It’s true, the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir is a real thing

If you haven’t seen the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir, well, you should take a moment, right now…and…see it. Then, come to World Maker Faire this weekend in NYC and see it in person.

This award winning art car from Houston has 250 electromechanical singing fish and lobsters, 300 pounds of batteries, a Linux netbook to coordinate all the singers, and more than 5 miles of wire in the control system. “Quiet please, this is serious.”

Feel the beat with Onyx Ashanti

Onyx Ashanti is the creator of Beatjazz and the Beatjazz control system, an open source musical performance platform that combines motion, improvisation, beats and light into a never before realized form of artistic expression.

Look for Onyx at Maker Faire this weekend.