Design Jam Accolades

NYSCI’s Chris Lawrence checks in to recap last week’s My Carbon Footprint 3D Design Jam… 

To mark Earth Day, NYSCI teamed up with the New Youth City Learning Network, The Mozilla Foundation, The MacArthur Foundation, Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisors and the National Science Foundation for the first annual Earth Day My Carbon Footprint 3D Design Jam.

Seventy-five tweens, teens, adults, NYSCI Instructors, and Explainers got together to experiment, play, design and yes hack the Virtual Hall of Science, various websites, digital photographs and even good ‘ole markers on paper. 

Like a music jam, Design Jam participants worked on many different kinds of projects and then riffed off of each other to produce a collaborative online 3D exhibition space. 

Here is a recap from NYCLN’s Creative Director, Jessica Klein

Mozilla’s Matt Thompson weighs in here

Here is the Hackasaurus blog that houses both the above and additional stories on Mozilla’s Hackasaurus project.

Huge thank-yous and congratulations to the team at NYSCI and all our partners for helping make the Jam a reality. Great kickoff to My Carbon Footprint

My Carbon Footprint takes a student-centric approach to climate change education

Today, NYSCI unveiled a new project to boost climate change education in New York City schools. 

The two-year project, funded with a grant from Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisors, is called My Carbon Footprint.  It will result in a new set of educator resources as well as a series of student-produced exhibits for the online Virtual Hall of Science, where NYSCI is exploring the educational potential of virtual environments.

Students will gain experience designing for both digital and real environments, collaborating through social networks, and practicing basic 3D modeling, while helping to develop a climate change curriculum that will roll-out in NYC classrooms in Fall 2011. 

My Carbon Footprint is presented by Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisors: Know The Number

Read the press release here.