Reclaim It!


Tonight, we are presenting the New York debut of Empire Drive-In, a
drive-in movie theater where the cars are provided. Movies, live
performances and the chance to climb in and out of wrecked cars has
people buzzing.

But a deeper message underlies the fun of the outdoor shows. Artists
Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark created Empire Drive-In to get people
thinking about creative reuse, our disposable car culture, and
technological obsolescence. The 60 cars in the installation come from
a Brooklyn junkyard, the 40-foot screen is made from salvaged wood,
and even the concession stand is made from recycled materials. The
artists reclaimed these discarded materials: piecing them together,
sprucing them up, and putting them to work again.

Now if only we could do the same for our government.

NYSCI at the Faire

Dust off your soldering tools and gather up your Arduino-based dreams, because World Maker Faire is happening this weekend at NYSCI. With more than 650 makers, plus demonstrations, workshops and performances, there will be plenty of things to try out, contribute to, or simply marvel at.

And we wouldn’t miss this chance to show off some uniquely NYSCI-created projects like giant-bugs made from sheet metal and lights, work stations where you can make walk-along gliders or underwater robots, and a workshop where your littlest fairegoers can make their own superhero gadgets. And if you’ve forgotten how to solder or how to program with Arduino, don’t worry, there’s workshops for that too!

World Maker Faire New York, September 21 - 22, 2013

Early Bird tickets on sale until July 31

Get ‘em cheap and apply to be a Maker! See you in September.

World Maker Faire at New York Hall of Science. September 29-30, 2012. Tickets and Info at

Making Music with Garbage

Get ready for the Garbage-Men, a group of 10th graders who perform music on instruments made from recycled materials like cereal boxes, PVC pipes, and even a saxophone made from a Fisher-Price corn popper toy. The Garbage-Men are performing live throughout NYC this weekend, including two shows at NYSCI on Saturday at 1 and 3 pm.