Tips for Teachers

Our next back-to-school tip for teachers comes courtesy of Deliz Vasquez, a fifth grade teacher in Hunts Point:

One thing which I find very helpful is having a “Best Practice” notebook when I visit classrooms, attend meetings, conferences, or professional development.  This way I can implement some strategies in my own classroom.

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Teacher Tips

Week two of the school year! We kick off with another installment of back-to-school tips from teachers for teachers. Today, from Amanda Solarsh, 7th Grade science teacher at Simon Baruch Middle School:

Revamp rules, routines and procedures and rethinking classroom setup to start fresh.

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Tips for Teachers

Our third installment of back-to-school tips from teachers for teachers, courtesy of Gina Tesoriero, 7th Grade Special Education teacher at Simon Baruch Middle School:

One thing that I like to do to prepare for the upcoming year is to identify one thing that I did well last year and one thing I would like to improve. This way I can set a professional goal for the school year and start thinking about how I will hold myself accountable.

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Tips for Teachers, from Teachers

Today’s back-to-school tips courtesy of Jill Fonda, teacher at The Beacon School:

While I’m by no means a veteran teacher (this will only be my fourth
year), I’m happy to share some of my thoughts for the high school teachers
out there:

—Smile.  A lot of teachers will be super-strict the first few months of
school to ensure that students don’t take advantage, but personally, I’ve
always found that warmth and kindness go a long way in garnering student
respect and forging meaningful relationships.

—Leave first-day procedures for the second day (or even third!) if you
can, and do something fun and student-centered instead.  It’ll get the
kids talking about your class with their peers and their parents, and
they’ll be ready to take on the syllabus and the information index cards
with a bit more zeal.  This year, I’m going to try the Oreo Challenge on
our first day back: the students will have to determine if double-stuffed
Oreos are really double-stuffed.  There’s an added bonus in that I’ll be
able to assess my students’ lab skills without giving a scary diagnostic

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Day One: Buy-in, Breathe, Begin

It’s back-to-school season! To all the educators out there, welcome back and good luck. To kick off the year, NYSCI asked some of our teacher collaborators for tips and tricks that set the tone for a successful (and sane) school year.

We’ll check in a few times over the next few days. If you want more classroom resources from these teachers, all of them are also contributors to Teachers TryScience, a resource for lesson plans, videos, and other resources brought to you by NYSCI, IBM and Teach Engineering. And you can always sign up NYSCI content designed specifically for educators at 

Our first bit of advice comes from Veronica Pastore, a P4K teacher at PS65 in Brooklyn:

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