In this episode of Explainer TV we meet Dr Ben. He is the founder of the BioBus—the coolest mobile Science Lab ever created.

While pursuing his Ph.D he noticed that people enjoyed visiting his lab. They were amazed by the equipment and experiments. Since then he literally began a journey to bring science amazement and inspiration to everyone. Hence the BioBus was born!

Learn more about Dr Ben and the BioBus.
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NYSCI welcomes BioBus!

We are super excited to welcome our (end of) summer collaborators from BioBus


BioBus is the world’s only mobile microscope lab powered by the sun and wind and it is docking in Rocket Park to run bio labs with NYSCI Explainers for our visitors. Using daphnia and a variety of other specimens, BioBus staff will lead hands-on activities with their high powered microscopes to help visitors explore micro-organisms and learn about cell division, development, etc.

The staff and bus arrived at NYSCI on Monday, July 28th, and will be with us through Maker Faire, running their labs for groups and sharing their work and equipment with the general public: Tuesdays through Fridays (9:30am-3:30pm).

From time to time, BioBus will be closed for installation as they commence with their install of 9 polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic solar panels with maximum power point tracking charge controllers. 

By Maker Faire 2013, the BioBus roof will be covered in solar cells! At a maximum energy output of 2.25 kilowatts (kW), this system will allow for sun-run science any day and anywhere!

Biomodd’s Spongebot is a recent addition to their installation at NYSCI. Come see Biomodd as part of NYSCI’s exhibition ReGeneration, on through Jan 13.

ReGeneration: Biomodd prototype now at NYSCI

Screen shot of Biomodd virtual world

NYSCI is revving up for the next exhibit ReGeneration, with artist Angelo Vermeulen and team building the first part of the window garden for his Biomodd project, right now in NYSCI’s Central Pavilion. 

This week, the virtual world that will run on the Biomodd computer network is being developed (above image), and students at Parsons are creating concepts and prototypes for “caretaking robots” as part of the Biomodd Collaboration Studio.

If you want to learn more about Angelo’s project and his work, and you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, he is giving a lecture and demonstration at UCLA tomorrow.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for the long awaited opening of ReGeneration on October 27, 2012, at NYSCI.


Sometimes the best parts of science are gross and icky.
Our Explainer Anias is about to dissect this cow’s eye and explain to visitors its similarities to the human eye.


Sometimes the best parts of science are gross and icky.

Our Explainer Anias is about to dissect this cow’s eye and explain to visitors its similarities to the human eye.

Kenya, Meet New York

Photo by Liz TitoneNew Yorkers are accustomed to tourists. Approximately 50 million of them visit our city each year to soak up the culture, take in a Broadway show, and gobble down untold numbers of pizza slices. But this summer, the city will welcome a very special group of youngsters from Kenya. The school kids will visit NYSCI, participate in science lessons, and get a glimpse of life in New York City – all without ever leaving Africa.

The students will visit as part of a distance-learning program that will use videoconferencing technologies to virtually connect the Sereolipi Primary School in Kenya with our instructors at NYSCI. This pilot program, called The Mizizi Project, is a part of a partnership with the nonprofit organization e2 education & environment, which seeks to unite students and teachers in different parts of the world through a single collaborative virtual learning experience.

Over a series of sessions this summer, the students in Kenya will work on topics such as microbiology, biomimicry and environmental science. The result will be a “global classroom” where New Yorkers and Kenyans work together on a shared science curriculum.

Now if only we could get the other 50 million tourists to stop buying up all the Book of Mormon tickets …

Photo by Liz Titone