Reclaim It!


Tonight, we are presenting the New York debut of Empire Drive-In, a
drive-in movie theater where the cars are provided. Movies, live
performances and the chance to climb in and out of wrecked cars has
people buzzing.

But a deeper message underlies the fun of the outdoor shows. Artists
Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark created Empire Drive-In to get people
thinking about creative reuse, our disposable car culture, and
technological obsolescence. The 60 cars in the installation come from
a Brooklyn junkyard, the 40-foot screen is made from salvaged wood,
and even the concession stand is made from recycled materials. The
artists reclaimed these discarded materials: piecing them together,
sprucing them up, and putting them to work again.

Now if only we could do the same for our government.

LOOK WHAT’S COMING TO WORLD MAKER FAIRE - Cupcake Cars, a mainstay of Maker Faire Bay Area, making a NYC debut at this year’s World Maker Faire. Here’s the simple recipe for some motorized mayhem:
1. Mix new and reused electric vehicle pieces and parts.
2. Fill 1:18 scale hand-bent tin cupcake liner.
3. Whip up a unique swirly fabric frosting top.
4. Add one part ingenuity, two scoops of creativity, and a whole lot-o-fun!

Check back tomorrow when we contemplate some destructive design with our next installment of LOOK WHAT’S COMING TO MAKER FAIRE.