Build a Better Summer Camp — Just Add Science

from NYSCI President and CEO, Margaret Honey:

Last week, Peter Orszag wrote an article linking summer learning loss with skyrocketing childhood obesity rates.. For decades, educational researchers have studied summer learning loss — sometimes called the “summer brain drain.” In short, summer vacation negates some of the learning achieved during the academic year. This is particularly so for children on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum.

We don’t expect kids to do algebra at the beach, but there’s any number of ways to incorporate science and math into their summer schedules. And summer learning is, you know, fun and active.

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Science in Your Pocket

Want to learn about molecules? Understand extremophiles? There’s an app for that!

NYSCI Explainers have just had their first apps developed as part of Explainers As Designers. The project is a variation on Iridescent’s Technovation Challenge, with teams of Explainers learning the ins and outs of app development while also getting some baseline knowledge of what it takes to successfully bring an app to market. Two apps — Bio-Hatcher and Molecule Rush — were selected as winners and have just been made available for download in both the iTunes and Google Play stores. 

"I wouldn’t have thought of trying to program anything prior to taking part in the Explainers as Designers Program, said Jacqueline, a member of the winning team.

Each app builds on content found at NYSCI exhibits and adds yet another interactive component to the exhibit experience, in the form of games you can play anywhere anytime. It’s a bit of NYSCI in your pocket.


When we first started working on Design Lab, we invited a number of exhibition firms to come in to talk to us about how we might collaborate on this project. This process helped us to realize that we were not really creating an exhibition space per se, but rather an armature or environment…

Today’s Design Lab is on Energy. Where do you notice energy is being transferred? Here’s some tips to get ideas to harness energy in the world to power your own design projects. What can you design that uses the energy in mechanisms from your everyday life?

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Design Lab’s Shadow Puppets prototyping over School’s Out Weekend, NYSCI. Photos: Shimpei Takeda

Prototyping Shadow Puppets @ NYSCI


This is a brief video that we placed at the entrance to one of current activities that we’re prototyping with visitors at the museum, Shadow Puppets.

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Setting up #PuppetParade at NYSCI


We’re super excited to announce that Puppet Parade will be at NYSCI April 8th - May 6th 2012. Here are some photos of us getting it setup and ready for the public. See a video of the project here.

@39forks creates a quick video of Design Lab’s sound experiments at NSTA, Indianapolis


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Become a Teacher Design Fellow and learn about introductory design starter activities and the design process, a problem-solving process central to engineering and technology. Through an online orientation and our five-day Verizon Summer Design Institute (July 16 – 20), you will develop and…

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NYSCI’s CEO Margaret Honey is guest contributor on Citizen IBM today: