Tesla exhibit being set-up in the rotunda at NYSCI

Tesla exhibit being set-up in the rotunda at NYSCI

(Source: Flickr / explainers)

Electrifying! Social Shocker at Maker Faire NYC

The Holy Tesla Coil, Great Hall at NYSCI, Maker Faire 2011

Channel your energy with The Handcar Project

The Handcar Projects are a series of human-powered interactive installations centered around the railway handcar. The projects from Treia Studios focus on energy, industrial processes, agriculture, mining, and their impact on topsoil and water.

Check out the high voltage stunts of ArcAttack

ArcAttack is a technology based performance art troupe from Austin, TX. While incorporating a large array of contraptions to aid their musical performance, they are best known as the pioneers of the “Singing Tesla coil”, a solid state Tesla coil that produces stage worthy electrical arcs that produce musical tones.

From high voltage stunts, musical composition, to technological oddities, ArcAttack's crew is host for a variety of different talents that work together to form a spectacle that is actually quite hard to describe.  See for yourself this weekend at World Maker Faire, NYC.