ReGeneration: Biomodd prototype now at NYSCI

Screen shot of Biomodd virtual world

NYSCI is revving up for the next exhibit ReGeneration, with artist Angelo Vermeulen and team building the first part of the window garden for his Biomodd project, right now in NYSCI’s Central Pavilion. 

This week, the virtual world that will run on the Biomodd computer network is being developed (above image), and students at Parsons are creating concepts and prototypes for “caretaking robots” as part of the Biomodd Collaboration Studio.

If you want to learn more about Angelo’s project and his work, and you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, he is giving a lecture and demonstration at UCLA tomorrow.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for the long awaited opening of ReGeneration on October 27, 2012, at NYSCI.

Parenting New York style: Mama’s are in the house

Making parenting in your local community easier, The Mamas Network in New York whose blogs have served parents in all five boros presents the 2nd annual Mamas Expo at NYSCI this Saturday, May 5! Get the best mama’s tips in town. Bring the whole family for a day of mama’s goodies from tons of vendors, advice and activities including a Puppetmobile puppet marionette performance, cookies by Cookie Fairy Sweets, planting by Queens Botanical Garden, and parenting workshops.

If you buy advance tickets through NYSCI, you also get access to all the NYSCI goodies including Rocket Park Mini Golf, Science Playground and of course full access to our hit exhibition Animation!


When we first started working on Design Lab, we invited a number of exhibition firms to come in to talk to us about how we might collaborate on this project. This process helped us to realize that we were not really creating an exhibition space per se, but rather an armature or environment…


Did you know that High Five Day is coming up?

At Explainer TV we decided to make a special high five video. By using our Bullet Time Animation exhibit, we turned an awesome high five into an epic high five.

If you have seen movies like The Matrix or Max Payne then you have seen bullet time in action. It involves several high speed cameras, each positioned at a different angle, that take quick shots of the action.

In our case the action was the mid air high five. After the pictures are taken, a computer puts the images into sequence. This allows us to see relatively fast camera movement for a super slow motion or freeze frame action.

There you have it. Bullet Time.



Nephila maculata, one of the world’s biggest spiders can be seen at NYSCI’s exhibit- ‘How Webs are Made’. 


Nephila maculata, one of the world’s biggest spiders can be seen at NYSCI’s exhibit- ‘How Webs are Made’. 

Mathematica (by IBMSocialMedia)

This is a mini-documentary about the Mathematica exhibit at the New York Hall of Science. The exhibit, which celebrates mathematicians and helps children appreciate math, was designed for IBM for the 1964 World’s Fair by the design team of Charles and Ray Eames. This video was made on the occasion of the release of an iPad app about the exhibit.

Setting up #PuppetParade at NYSCI


We’re super excited to announce that Puppet Parade will be at NYSCI April 8th - May 6th 2012. Here are some photos of us getting it setup and ready for the public. See a video of the project here.


1964 in NYSCI’s Great Hall, nearly 50 years ago…Frank Capra’s last movie, Rendezvous in Space is a 20 minute long quasi-documentary with Danny Thomas trying to explain what will happen in the Space Station that will eventually orbit the Earth (a question that still lingers with the International Space Station).  At one point in the movie  —which I have put on youtube, its a lousy print, but you can get the idea, —the footage cuts to the images that John Glenn took from his first Friendship 7 orbits of the Earth.

 It is the first time most people every saw the Earth from outside the Earth.  I remember it vaguely, but the rush of images, culminating in the image of the Earth from the moon and beyond, have diminished the shock.  We are on one planet, not on separate continents.  Political lines do not show up on the actual globe (I actually remember being kind of surprised, since the only globe I had at home was a political map).  The ocean, the clouds, the atmosphere are vast and transnational.  

For the new exhibition we are planning in NYSCI’s Great Hall, we are inspired by this sense of connectedness to consider the global systems that shape the future of the planet. Not just the natural systems, but the social, economic, transportation, and electronic networks that are deeply influential in peoples’ lives.  The immediate impacts of these human global systems shape our lives more directly than the longer range impacts of changing natural systems.

Steve Uzzo, a network science PhD and polymath leading the Great Hall Project insists that climate change is a symptom of a world out of balance, and that making communities healthier and more sustainable (in a human sense…better education, health care, transportation, economic opportunity) is the best way to address climate change.

There is a wonderful set of TED talks by Hans Rosling that use clever visualization to show how data reveals transnational social change.  Check it out.  It is an image of a globally interconnected world that is more abstract than John Glenn’s orbital pictures of the earth, but equally compelling in showing how connected we are.

(Source: theworks-nysci)

Bjork fan @ NYSCI Wed night testing his strength on Internet Arm Wrestling in the Connections exhibit. Photo: Andrew Kelly

Bjork fan @ NYSCI Wed night testing his strength on Internet Arm Wrestling in the Connections exhibit. Photo: Andrew Kelly

Here’s a new blog by the Chief Content person at NYSCI, Eric Siegel:


At the NY Hall of Science, there are a whole slew of things I am working toward on any given day. This blog will focus on five projects that are all pretty large scale, all interesting and challenging across several different dimensions, and all in about the same stage of development. I will also…

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