Radiation: a wondrous new tool in cell research, genetics and food preservation. A snapshot of a science museum evolving from 1967. 
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Biomodd’s Spongebot is a recent addition to their installation at NYSCI. Come see Biomodd as part of NYSCI’s exhibition ReGeneration, on through Jan 13.

Next at NYSCI: ReGeneration

New York Hall of Science Presents ReGeneration, Opening October 27

Ten artists present their interpretations of cultural sustainability

Queens, N.Y.ReGeneration, a new exhibition exploring the relationship between sustainability and cultural vitality, opens October 27 at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI). The exhibition includes interactive works by 10 artists that inspire visitors to think about the notion of cultural sustainability through collaborative engagement and futuristic visions built upon the history and traditions of New York’s diverse neighborhoods. The exhibition runs through January 13, 2013.


Despite the near ubiquity of the term “sustainability,” there remains significant ambiguity about everything from the actual meaning of the term to overarching solutions to the challenges we face as a community. Technology and behavioral changes including energy production, agriculture, recycling and pollution reduction are all on the table as we work to understand and address the challenge of sustainability.

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ReGeneration is an exhibition about the future,” says NYSCI president and CEO, Margaret Honey. “We challenged the artists to take inspiration from science and imagine a future where we live sustainably, not just in the foods we eat or the materials we use, but in our fundamental approach to how we view our communities and the interdependence between people and our environment.”

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