The Science Career Ladder doesn’t always take Explainers on a path to Science. In Todd’s story, working at the New York Hall of Science whipped him into shape and boosted his confidence to a level where he will succeed in any career.

"Science is the foundation of everything in the world."


In this episode of Explainer TV we meet Dr Ben. He is the founder of the BioBus—the coolest mobile Science Lab ever created.

While pursuing his Ph.D he noticed that people enjoyed visiting his lab. They were amazed by the equipment and experiments. Since then he literally began a journey to bring science amazement and inspiration to everyone. Hence the BioBus was born!

Learn more about Dr Ben and the BioBus.
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Let NYSCI Explainers show you how to do the Harlem Shake. Love!

Explainers submit their What is a Flame? video with a cover song


Have you ever wondered what a flame is? We did too. Some people will give you a complicated explanation. So here’s the simple answer as well as a science cover of Adele’s ‘Set Fire to the Rain

In this experiment we turn the Blue Goo from liquid to a solid. But here’s the catch: it happens on it’s own via self assembly. Watch to learn more!

Ferrofluid explained: Explainer TV’s latest video on how Ferrofluid works demonstrating NYSCI’s Ferrofluid Magnetoscope device.

DIY - Speaker Cups: a new demo by NYSCI’s Explainer’s (by explainerTUBE)