Diet Soda Deception


According to a recent Huffington Post article highlighting new research on the food industry, diet sodas - which millions turn to in order to cut their calorie intake - can actually be worsefor your body than regularly sweetened sodas. 

A study of over 66,000 women during 14 years, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that diet soda drinkers are more likely to be overweight and that these diet sodas raised their risk for Type 2 Diabetes more than if they drank regular soda.

Here’s some of the science on why -

  1. Artificial sweeteners fool your body into thinking there is sugar on the way.
  2. Once there is no sugar, your body becomes confused and will both store fat and crave more sugar.
  3. Artificial sweeteners can be thousands of times more sweet than sugar - making them more addicting as well.

The food industry is deceptively creative with things like diet sodas. For more information on diet sodas as well as other processed food secrets, check out the article here and in the mean time, remember - all natural fruit juice is the best drink to have if you or your kids are looking for some liquid fuel.