Spring is here today…


…but the new café at the New York Hall of Science is already blossoming! Delish by Amerivents is the exclusive café and catering partner at NYSCI. My name is Amanda and I’m the assistant manager and resident foodie here at Delish. I have always loved food and chose to study for a bachelors in food science and human nutrition from the University of Florida. During my time at UF, I also gained knowledge and passion for sustainability and environmental issues. I was happy to find that my interests in food and helping our planet blended perfectly - our food system and what we eat is deeply linked to the current environmental crisis, and working to solve one helps the other. It is safe to say that I am passionate about all areas of food - eating it, creating it and making it better for both the people who eat it and the planet that provides for us. I have done everything from work at a farmers market to create a nutrition curriculum for an organic farm in Gainesville, Florida. Now I am here at Delish at NYSCI to bring tasty and sustainable food to the community as well as create fun ways for both kids and adults to learn about food and the environment. Every week I will be taking over the NYSCI blog for the day, sharing everything from gardening tips to articles on the latest in nutrition news.

Here at Delish, we are committed to using healthier and wholesome ingredients to create fresh food that  NYSCI visitors of all ages can enjoy. It seems only natural that NYSCI would have a refreshing and forward-thinking café, and we are extremely proud to be that café. Besides giving everyone great food, our partnership with NYSCI is allowing us to plan exciting educational programs and experiences both at the café and here on the web.
To start things off, here is a short clip from Michael Pollan, a leading food issues author and advocate. It’s a simple explanation on why buying local, unprocessed food is important, something we truly believe in here at Delish!