NYSCI at the Faire

Dust off your soldering tools and gather up your Arduino-based dreams, because World Maker Faire is happening this weekend at NYSCI. With more than 650 makers, plus demonstrations, workshops and performances, there will be plenty of things to try out, contribute to, or simply marvel at.

And we wouldn’t miss this chance to show off some uniquely NYSCI-created projects like giant-bugs made from sheet metal and lights, work stations where you can make walk-along gliders or underwater robots, and a workshop where your littlest fairegoers can make their own superhero gadgets. And if you’ve forgotten how to solder or how to program with Arduino, don’t worry, there’s workshops for that too!


At this exhibit at the NYSCI-Village, “kids” of all ages could learn about electronics by doing something that comes naturally to kids: Taking things apart! 

Lots of fun and got some really great interest from visitors. (“Oh, so that’s what’s inside!.. but how does that work… oh…!”)

NYSCI Explainer Demo showcase at World Maker Faire

Spills, thrills and scientific magic tricks is what you’ll see this weekend at World Maker Faire. The Rocket Park Stage in the NYSCI Village will be the hotspot to experience NYSCI Explainers performing their signature demo’s. These live demonstrations are a part of what makes the NYSCI brand of hands-on learning the best in the city. 

It’s solid, it’s liquid, it’s the non-Newtonian Oobleck!

What can you expect from NYSCI Explainers at this weekend’s World Maker Faire? A whole lot of Oobleck fun.