Saturday is for Storytelling

This Saturday night at NYSCI, visitors can collaborate on a story with digital artist and performer, Haeyoung Kim. Part performance, part workshop, Kim’s Moori will use audience members to help create a dynamic narrative. Users will download the Moori app, and use the app to pose questions and answers, and to generate algorithmic sounds and visuals. The result will be an interactive performance featuring collaboration among audience members. Part of Harvestworks’ 2013 New York Electronic Arts Festival, the event begins at 4 pm with Night Games, an interactive dance game, followed by cocktails at 6 pm, and EXPOSED – Sound featuring Moori at 6:30 pm.

Haeyoung Kim is based in New York City and explores the texture of sounds in electronic music. Her work has been presented in various museums and galleries including the American Museum of the Moving Image, PS1, Nam June Paik Center in Korea, and Kunsthalle in Austria.


Who is MetroMan?When we took a swipe at interviewing him, we were treated to tales of spelunking in abandoned subway tunnels, exploring dis-used steam generators and repelling down empty nuclear missile silos. Turns out, the journey is more fun than the destination!

Gregory Rodolico is a builder,…

Coke Zero + Mentos = A hot mess of viral fountains

See the original Internet sensation LIVE! Geysers of soda shoot over twenty feet into the air in this spectacular mint-powered version of the Bellagio Fountains, brought to you by the mad scientists of EepyBird. EepyBird has been featured on Late Night with David Letterman, Ellen, the Today Show, and Mythbusters, and they were named Best of 2006 by People Magazine. Their online videos have won two Webby Awards and received two Emmy nominations.

Trapped in awe by the Life Size Mousetrap

The Life Size Mousetrap is a fantastically hand crafted, 16 piece, 50,000-lb. interactive kinetic sculpture set atop a 6,500-square-foot game board. This giant Rube Goldberg style contraption comes complete with a Vaudevillian style show, original Musical score by the one woman band Esmerelda Strange, Sexy Mice can-can dancers, clown workers, acrobatic hi jinks, and other spectacular scenes dedicated to the pursuit of spectacle-laden fun!

NYSCI Explainer Demo showcase at World Maker Faire

Spills, thrills and scientific magic tricks is what you’ll see this weekend at World Maker Faire. The Rocket Park Stage in the NYSCI Village will be the hotspot to experience NYSCI Explainers performing their signature demo’s. These live demonstrations are a part of what makes the NYSCI brand of hands-on learning the best in the city. 

Check out the high voltage stunts of ArcAttack

ArcAttack is a technology based performance art troupe from Austin, TX. While incorporating a large array of contraptions to aid their musical performance, they are best known as the pioneers of the “Singing Tesla coil”, a solid state Tesla coil that produces stage worthy electrical arcs that produce musical tones.

From high voltage stunts, musical composition, to technological oddities, ArcAttack's crew is host for a variety of different talents that work together to form a spectacle that is actually quite hard to describe.  See for yourself this weekend at World Maker Faire, NYC.

Circus Warehouse presents a selection of high-flying arts

Circus Warehouse is Queens’ own center where the circus stars come to train and teach. With ceilings high enough to house a flying trapeze rig of classic proportion, the Warehouse has over 8000 square feet of space for practicing circus arts including trampoline, silks, lyra, cloud swing, solo trapeze and wire walking. It also houses a mirrored dance studio with a sprung floor.

Throughout Maker Faire weekend, Circus Warehouse will present a series of performances and opportunities for visitors to learn some of the basics of Nouveau Cirque.

It’s true, the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir is a real thing

If you haven’t seen the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir, well, you should take a moment, right now…and…see it. Then, come to World Maker Faire this weekend in NYC and see it in person.

This award winning art car from Houston has 250 electromechanical singing fish and lobsters, 300 pounds of batteries, a Linux netbook to coordinate all the singers, and more than 5 miles of wire in the control system. “Quiet please, this is serious.”