Puppet Parade Encore

One last chance to feed the giraffes!  Puppet Parade held over this weekend.  Saturday and Sunday, 11a to 5p. Come play at NYSCI.

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Design Lab’s Shadow Puppets prototyping over School’s Out Weekend, NYSCI. Photos: Shimpei Takeda

Prototyping Shadow Puppets @ NYSCI


This is a brief video that we placed at the entrance to one of current activities that we’re prototyping with visitors at the museum, Shadow Puppets.

(Source: designlab-nysci)

Puppet 3.0

The world has changed a lot since you were a wide-eyed, innocent kid playing with your handmade sock puppet. Puppets have come a long way too.

This week, NYSCI opens Puppet Parade, a new type of puppetry created by Design I/O that uses computers and Xboxes to merge the movements of real people with projections of larger-than-life creatures. Puppeteers control the animals using their hands and arms. Then their actions are tracked through Xbox Kinects, the data is sent through a computer to a projector, and presto! – a fantastical, interactive scene is displayed on a 17-by-26-foot wall.

The experience includes all the entertainment of that old sock puppet, while also including the interactivity and special effects of today’s technology.

Setting up #PuppetParade at NYSCI


We’re super excited to announce that Puppet Parade will be at NYSCI April 8th - May 6th 2012. Here are some photos of us getting it setup and ready for the public. See a video of the project here.

Sharing resources across multiple installations - prototype test.


Testing sharing resources between two installations. The system can detect and identify boxes ( our cargo trucks ) and add resources from one installation and have the trucks transport the resources to another installation. Note: This is proof of concept and doesn’t represent a final installation. We’re using computer vision for the identification in this prototype but a more robust and flexible solution would probably involve rfid.

our prototype ‘smart truck’  


Design I/O is a Brooklyn based creative studio specializing in the design and development of cutting edge, immersive, interactive installations. Design I/O is led by founders Emily Gobeille and Theodore Watson. For the next four months we will be residents at the New York Hall of Science,…

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