LOOK WHAT’S COMING TO WORLD MAKER FAIRE - The Nerdy Derby is a Pinewood Derby-inspired no-rules* car building and racing competition brought to you by students from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. This will be the first ever Nerdy Derby and everyone can build a car and enter the race. Awards will be handed out for: The Underdog, The Tricked Out, The Delicious, The Not-so-pretty, and The King of the Hill. Get started by checking out the track spec.

LOOK WHAT’S COMING TO WORLD MAKER FAIRE - The Power Racing Series makes its NYC debut at NYSCI, with teams from across the country racing power wheels cars that they’ve stripped down and rebuilt using open source technology and tools. The catch? The budget for the build can’t exceed $500.

Like all great Maker projects, it’s wild and it’s educational. Encouraging people to try something new and making engineering accessible to kids and grown-ups alike, the Power Racing Series is just one of more than 400 projects, presentations and participatory activities happening at World Maker Faire at NYSCI on September 29-30.