Testing the SoundStage

"I learned to embrace the chaos and let the kids have fun," says Brett Murphy, a student at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program

Learning to love the chaos resulted from a day of prototyping at NYSCI for Brett’s thesis project, SoundStage. 

SoundStage is an ambisonic surround sound mixer. By moving objects around the table, users can pan audio around the room and immerse themselves within a soundscape of their own creation.

In collaboration with SciPlay, Brett introduced SoundStage to NYSCI visitors, giving kids and parents an opportunity to put his prototype through its paces.

The outcome? SoundStage has potential for immersive storytelling with older kids. But for preschoolers, what Brett ultimately discovered is that SoundStage creates an environment for a unique sonic experience that leverages kids’ innate curiosity and tendency to play.

See video from the prototyping on Brett’s Vimeo page