We took the Nerd Quiz at Nerd Nite last Thursday on the Frying Pan. See these ladies and a lot more tomorrow at Submerge! NYC Marine Festival, 11 – 3pm, Pier 26. 

This fascinating “making of” video created by SITU Studio (architects for Design Lab), Surveying the Great Hall captures the impressive scaffolding used in the restoration of the “Cathedral of Science.” As their custom camera rig slowly lifts 70 feet from floor to ceiling, “the camera will be slowly rotating and tilting to survey the space with a corkscrew motion.”

View their complete blog post here.


This Just in!!  All the AWESOMENESS that happened here as part of the Learning Labs Pop-up on Saturday 2/16 as seen through the eyes of Explainer TV.  

Mike Wilson and his team of Explainers not only had a cool digital pic station at the Pop-up, but they were running around taking videos and pics of all the happy people.  YEAH!!

Maker Space Pop Up was a success! Til we meet again …


Have you ever noticed that people use the terms Theory and Hypothesis interchangeably? Most people say they have a Theory. They really mean that they have a Hypothesis.

My latest Science Music Video sheds some lyrical light on the situation.
Watch “Theory vs Hypothesis” to learn more!

(Source: comaniddy, via explainers-nysci)

a geography of being : una geografia de ser is a three-part art project that reflects upon the dynamics of the undocumented immigrant population in the United States, specifically in relation to undocumented youth. The installation consists of the following elements: small kinetic sculptures with animated displays titled “Undocumented Drones” and a video game that places the player in the role of an undocumented youth that must face several challenges in the search for self-determination beyond the imposed constraints of citizenry. The visitor to the installation plays the game, the “Undocumented Drones” react to game play and may help the player along. Separately, a graphic zine represents the challenges and options presented in the video game - Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga.

Part of NYSCI’s exhibit “Regeneration”, through January 13, 2013.

A look back at our Dead or Alive Party, featuring projections and animations by Glowing Pictures. Thanks to all who brought out a little spooky at NYSCI last week.

1.7 million views and counting. A World Maker Faire 2011 flashback has achieved virality.