Inspired by Science: the latest in a series of videos featuring individual stories of NYSCI Explainers:

Angelo used to visit NYSCI as a child and now he works there. As an Explainer, he gets to do some of his favorite things (talking to people & making new friends) while learning science. Watch the video to find out how Angelo became inspired by science.


Here’s a quick look at what goes on in the hidden ecosystem of the deep ocean. 

Prototyping Shadow Puppets @ NYSCI


This is a brief video that we placed at the entrance to one of current activities that we’re prototyping with visitors at the museum, Shadow Puppets.

(Source: designlab-nysci)

Sanitation Truck Test: Design I/O’s pre Puppet Parade prototyping


A test using a kinect to identify a sanitation truck being placed against the wall. The rubbish is then collected by the truck, disappearing from the projection. 

Lights, Camera, Science! Explainer TV brings science to YouTube

It may not have the glamour of filming at a Hollywood studio lot, but our Explainer TV program uses all the skills and tricks utilized by professional filmmakers. The program syncs science and education with video editing, marketing and communications to teach our Explainers, those multi-talented, red-aproned exhibit interpreters, to script, produce and film short videos about science.
The program has trained more than 20 high school and college Explainers since 2010. At last count, 26 videos have been created, earning more than 13,000 views on YouTube. Video topics include oobleck, ferrofluid and nanotechnology, as well as coverage of our events and exhibits.
The resulting videos are humorous and charming, and show the fun of science to viewers around the world. No gray card is needed to know that this program gets it just right.

Sharing resources across multiple installations - prototype test.


Testing sharing resources between two installations. The system can detect and identify boxes ( our cargo trucks ) and add resources from one installation and have the trucks transport the resources to another installation. Note: This is proof of concept and doesn’t represent a final installation. We’re using computer vision for the identification in this prototype but a more robust and flexible solution would probably involve rfid.

our prototype ‘smart truck’  

NEW: NYSCI Explainer Bottle Rocket Explosion demo video!
Hey teachers, this is a great experiment to share in the classroom!
With some creativity, alcohol, & spark, we can launch an ordinary soda bottle into the air.

ABC News coverage of World Maker Faire:

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World Maker Faire is Back!