An intro to Patrick Svilans at Maker Faire NYC, 2011


Who is MetroMan?When we took a swipe at interviewing him, we were treated to tales of spelunking in abandoned subway tunnels, exploring dis-used steam generators and repelling down empty nuclear missile silos. Turns out, the journey is more fun than the destination!

Gregory Rodolico is a builder,…

A quick intro to 2600, The Hacker Magazine, at Maker Faire 2011

Ah…Maker Faire moments…

From Maker Faire, Joey says Don’t be bored…MAKE something!

The Holy Tesla Coil, Great Hall at NYSCI, Maker Faire 2011

A report from the NYSCI Village’s Happy City Project

What exactly is Maker Faire anyway?

A report from the NYSCI Village’s Ooblek station

Transform your old typewriter into a USB keyboard